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Our Staple Material Is Wood


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What we are good at…


Routec GB Ltd have designed, manufactured and installed POS displays in high street across the nation, carrying out full shop conversions from architect’s drawings to a finished shop.


Routec GB Ltd is the UK leading manufacturer of worktop sets and is a key supplier into the caravan and holiday home industry suppling kitchen fittings, worktops, cabinet and room doors and trims across the full market sector.


Routec GB Ltd‘s large factory site and the impressive state-of-the-art plant list allows us to offer our services to cabinet and carcass manufacturers at times of their high demand to give a cost effective, just-in-time solution to their capacity problems.


Routec GB Ltd‘s design and manufacturing flexibility skills allows us to offer the design and supply of kitchen doors, cabinets and worktops in any volume.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

At Routec GB Ltd, with over 25 years servicing both the leisure home, POS, and retail display industries, we have a proud history of overcoming problem projects with innovative design solutions. Our design team has a wealth of knowledge across all our market sectors, and are continuing to add to that knowledge base.


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Why we are different

With over 25 years servicing both the leisure home, POS, and retail display industries, Routec GB Ltd is based in Beverley, East Yorkshire, and offers the capability to design and manufacture wood-based products for a broad range of market sectors.

We use an impressive portfolio of state-of-the-art CNC machinery together a team committed to supply the best product on time to high quality standards, In the Point of Sale (POS) markets we manufacture high quality POS displays aimed at bringing your product to the forefront. Skilled in making, assembling and shop fitting high end POS displays across the country, our team is able to supply the complete service that you may need.  In the Components markets we schedule batch manufacture and supply on an on-time-in-full basis a wide range of parts across the caravan, holiday home and leisure sectors.

In the Doors market we manufacture a wide range of cabinet and interior doors in our dedicated production cells.

And in the kitchens market we have the capability and capacity to support the market mainstream suppliers by making our resources available to cost effectively tackle seasonal workloads of demand.

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