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Who We Are

Routec is an East Yorkshire based company offering a design and manufacturing service to those looking to enhance their product's visibility to the public.

We specialise in the manufacture of high quality Point of Sale displays aimed at bringing your product to the forefront. We work with the leading display designers to produce some of the most unique and cutting edge displays for customers across the UK and beyond.

The list of companies we have worked with includes staple British brand names like Debenhams, Boots and M&S, as well as international outfits like Tag Heuer, Sony and L'Oréal Paris.

Each and every item we produce is given the care and attention required to guarantee that it meets the every need of the client. Our team works tirelessly to meet the specifications set out by you, the customer.

As well as our work within the Point of Sale, Point of Purchase and Point of Display sectors, we also provide components to the leisure and home interior industries. Our products are regularly used in caravan and holiday home manufacturing as well as in kitchens.

We firmly believe that no job is too big or too small. We're proud of our flexibility and are as happy producing a single solitary display as we are a large order of multiple displays and components. We always work quickly, yet carefully, ensuring that your order will be turned over in the shortest time possible and with the greatest care.

This quick turnaround is complimented by our desire to offer you the best value service possible. We keep our costs as low as possible all the while ensuring that the materials we use are of the best quality. Our customer service – before, during and after your purchase – is second to none.

Whatever your display needs, contact Routec to find out how we can successfully help your product become more visible.

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What we are good at...



We have years of experience in designing and manufacturing eye-catching displays that allow products to 'jump out' at the customer.



We have designed and manufactured a varied assortment of furniture, fittings and accessories for caravan manufacturers for years now.



We work with the leading design agencies to create components that work and fit perfectly. This in turn results in each of our products meeting the strictest of standards.



We have designed and manufactured everything from kitchen cupboards to worktops, from sideboards to draws, and just about every kitchen fitting in between.