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Routec News

Process Engineer

Tony Goodley has been recruited into the company as a Process Engineer. Tony has 34 years in the woodworking/manufacturing industry with over half of this time been in mid-senior management rolls. Within this time he has gained a vast array of knowledge and all round experience of the entire production process.

A quick 5S exercise of the Assembly Department gave the Value Stream Production Managers and their Team’s a better understanding of a safer, better organised working environment.

Sourcing of a better suited tooling supplier to our products and procedures has proved to be extremely effective. The tooling for our Wave Wall product has increased longevity by up to 80% compared to previous tooling. This has also reduced the amount of time that was required in the finishing processes that includes modern painting and lacquering finishes.

Tony is currently looking at curing processes for the Shaker Door assembly process, with RF curing currently proving to improve current output by up to 50%.

Tony is proving to be an invaluable member of the company. Please keep visiting our website for more news on significant changes brought about by the dedication of the Routec team.