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Factory Expansion

As of August 2013 we have expanded into the adjacent building at our site in Beverley. Our previous site measured 52253ft² and has now been increased by 40752ft² to give a total factory size of 93005ft².

This has given us the opportunity to spread our various commitments across the site; utilising the space for improved process management, a reduction in handling processes and further promotion of quality assurance throughout the factory as a whole.

The expansion area itself has been designated for our most popular Production Line, where we manufacture Lightweight Internal Flush Doors and Shaker Doors for the leaders in Leisure Homes across the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region. Our products from this Production Line have proved to be both popular and of high demand across the Leisure Home Industry.

Our commitment to supplying quality products to our clients both on time and in full, to accommodate their lean manufacturing methodologies has improved our relationship in two ways. Firstly, we are working much closer with the clients Designers to produce viable solutions for new ranges; secondly, we are continually raises not only our standards but those of our clients and competitors alike.