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Over the years Routec has worked closely with our clients to produce high-quality items designed to meet the very specific needs of the customer. We've produced a range of point of sale displays, caravan fittings and kitchen fixtures. But that's not all.

At Routec we also manufacture components for all of the above. We produce these components at our manufacturing facility, which also serves as a storage space. As with all of the products created here, we take a great deal of care to ensure each and every component is up to the highest of standards, no matter what size it is.

We work with the leading design agencies to create components that work and fit perfectly. This in turn results in each of our products meeting the strictest of standards.

By creating these components, Routec is able to offer an outsourced solution to companies finding manufacturing too expensive or time consuming. Many of our customers have done exactly that. They've brought their needs to us and we've set about assisting them.

We offer a professional approach that has gone a long way to building our reputation. We believe that every customer deserves to be treated to a professional and expert service, whilst not compromising on standards. We never compromise. Not when selecting materials to use, not when it comes to production timescales, and not when it comes to a final delivery date.

What's more, we offer our services for projects of any size. If you have a logjam of work you need help with or a simple bespoke project to be completed, we can help you. After all, flexibility is one of our strong suits.

So, if you're looking for a top-quality, punctual and professional service, contact Routec today.

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